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Camp Lemnos: 16-25 June 2016

1. Will there be reliable wifi at the Camp?

Of course! The wifi network at the Camp can easily handle ordinary usage (i.e. mail / file exchange, basic streaming, upload and download). However if you are looking to do heavy uploads and downloads of large files (e.g. HD videos), this may pose a problem for the network so please be warned. 

That said, 3G internet USB sticks are available on the island for rent for a small charge by volume and so this could be an option if you need to be 100% self sufficient with your internet usage.

No. We have participants from all over the world attending the Camp so it would be a nightmare logistically if we were to arrange individual flights, boat trips, etc for each and every one of you. However, transport to and from the Camp once you arrive in Lemnos is included.

2. Is transport to Lemnos island from my home city included in the price?

3. What is the best way to get to Lemnos island?

Lemnos (Limnos) is definitely not the easiest (or cheapest) island to travel to. However that is one of the reasons why the island is still unspoilt from mass tourism and a true paradise.

There are many different ways to get to Lemnos island. Most visitors travel via Athens with Aegean air. The island is also connected to Thessaloniki with Astra Airlines. Unless you are looking for an adventure (and have much patience), without a doubt the best way to travel to Lemnos is by air. Book early to make sure you take advantage of cheap tickets.

Now if you have time and want to travel by ferry then this is certainly another option as Lemnos is also connected to the mainland by ferry. The best route is to travel from the Port of Kavala. Regarding the ferries the best option is the Kavala port . There is a connection (almost on a daily basis) and the trip lasts just 3.30 hours. The city of Kavala is 2 hours away from Thessaloniki and there buses connecting the 2 cities nearly every 1 or 2 hours.


Those choosing to catch a ferry from Athens can do so from the Ports of Layrio and Pireaus (ports near Athens) but you should know that this is a very long trip (approximately 22 hours). 

4. What beds are included in the 2-people tent?

A 2-people tent will accommodate two people. This usually means two single beds. However, if you plan to share a tent with someone (intimately), we can arrange for a double bed to be included instead. 

5. Why is the 4-people tent more expensive?

The 4-people tent has more space and includes a private shower and toilet. If you opt for a 2-people tent, you will need to use a communal shower and toilet (closely located).

6. I am interested in presenting / hosting a workshop during the Camp. Can you tell me more about how this will work?

Sure. Firstly, thank you for wanting to share your skill/knowledge with everyone at the Camp (we most definitely encourage this!). A member of betahaus / Copass / DNX will be in touch with all confirmed participants closer to the date of the Camp to find out more information about potential presentations / workshops. Please let us know in advance if you are interested, and we will be in touch with you!

8. I have special dietary requirements. Do I need to let you know before the start date of the Camp?

Yes, please let us know as soon as possible so we have ample time to make the necessary arrangements. 

In any event, please note that the breakfast buffet are packed with options ! No need to worry, there are plenty of things to choose from. Further, you can also just inform the staff at the Camp upon arrival and the chef will do his best to keep you happy.

11. Tell me more about the “additional activities” listed on the site

The additional activities are activities that you can do on the island, but are not included in the package. We listed them on our site for you to see and are there merely for you to get an idea of other things you could potentially do on the island if you so wish. We don't have individual information on the prices of each of those activities unfortunately as they are not strictly part of our Camp. That said, we can help you organise those activities once we are all there!

12. Do I need to bring any specific equipment/clothes for the watersports activities?

No! Everything you need to partake in the watersports activities (besides sunscreen and your swimming costume) will be provided by the Camp.

13. I have other questions not mentioned here. Who do I contact?

Please direct any further questions to

10. Does the Camp accept credit cards / are there ATMs on the island?

The Camp accepts credit cards both at the Camp and the surf station. Otherwise, the closest ATM is in Moudros just a 15min drive away. That said, it is probably wise to come with some cash just in case.

9. Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, please make sure you have sufficient travel insurance in case you are injured or experience any unfortunate events (flight cancellations, etc). Also please note that when you arrive at the Camp, you will be required to sign a standard waiver form with the Camp (standard procedure).

7. When is the best time to arrive and leave the Camp?

Regarding arrival and departure no stress at all! The Camp doesn’t have a 24h reception but there will always be people at the Camp to welcome you upon arrival.


The Check-out policy at the Camp is usually before 11:00am but guests can keep their tents without an extra charge for a late check out if the Camp does not have other guest arriving that day.

Flights to Lemnos usually arrive either early in the morning (7- 8am) or late in the evening (9-10pm).


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