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— June 22 – July 1 2017 | Lemnos - Greece —

A  coworking getaway to the sun hosted together with our friends from DNX

 An adventure with entrepreneurs from  coworking communities all around the world. 

Work & play with professionals! 

Personal, relaxed, and remotely


10 Days of co-living and coworking. Meet new people, exchange ideas, get inspired, and grow your business. Work hard, play hard!


Lemnos is a Greek island in the Mediterranean sea. We set camp at Keros beach. You'll get accommodation in a luxury 2 - 4 person tent. 


The camp hosts a series of talks and workshops by an for coworkers. There are opportunities to surf, practice yoga and meditation. You can also just enjoy a mojito on the beach.

Delicious breakfast buffet

Work and Play

Repeat until you feel hungry or thirsty

Expand your network & make new friends 

Join workshops, listen to fire-side chats, work in Think Tank groups

Give a keynote or pitch your product, listen to others & give your feedback

Explore new ideas, expand your horizon

A Typical Day - What to Expect

Start the day with yoga 

The Package

What's included:

Lemnos Airport transfer to/from Camp

Delicious buffet breakfast every morning

9 nights accomodation in luxury tents

10 days activities

Daily Yoga sessions 

Workshops, Mastermind Sessions and Networking for personal development

Beach bonfire fuck-up confessions

Key talks

We highly recommend to choose a luxury tent with air conditioning


2 Persons / Communal Showers and Bathrooms 

Safari Tents

Early Bird: 597,- €

Regular: 797,- €

Last Minute: 997,-€

All Prices excl. VAT

4 persons w/ private shower & A/C

Luxury Tents (4)

Early Bird: 697,- €

Regular: 897,- €

Last Minute: 1097,-€

All Prices excl. VAT

2 persons w/ private shower & A/C

Luxuy Tents (2)

Early Bird: 797,- €

Regular: 997,- €

Last Minute: 1197,-€

All Prices excl. VAT

sold out


Sanduning on the Island desert (yes there is a desert on the island too!)

Flamingo and wildlife 

bird watching

Sailing trips to nearby islands on sailing boat

Beach games, volleyball contests, snorkelling trips and fishing trips

Visits to local beekeepers and local cheese producers

Wine and Ouzo tasting at local distilleries


Trips to Archeological sites with Minivan 

Sponge Diving

& Access to Endless Activities

because the best ideas are born

and the most valuable connections are established 

in intimate and lay-back environments

Kayaking and 

Stand Up Paddle


Bike Trips 

& Excursions


Felicia Hargarten

DNX founder, blogger, and yoga master

Marcus Meurer

DNX founder, enthusiastic athlete, and Online Entrepreneur

Christoph Fahle

Co-founder of betahaus, surfer, and occasional iPhone DJ

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